About Us

Zazen Health Solutions (ZHS) Sdn Bhd is a wholly owned Malaysian company with over 30 outlets nationwide. Incorporated in early 2006, ZHS is Malaysia’s No.1 provider of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) Thermal Systems and Malaysia’s fastest growing wellness business.

ZHS is at the forefront of technology based wellness business in Malaysia. ZHS was envisioned to be distinct from the conventional spa based wellness businesses in Malaysia. ZHS prides itself in integrating technology as medium to promote healthy living and lifestyles.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

ZHS is a company that is built on the values of serving humanity as a friend to mankind. Our mission is to transform lives of individuals and society at large by embracing a healthy lifestyle and living through our range of products and services. No matter where you begin, it all starts with awareness. Awareness is the all important first step in any change process and ZHS is here to introduce that awareness and the manner in which healthy living and lifestyle can be accomplished.

Our Vision

  • To create an awareness that healthy living is not a privilege of a few but a norm available to all.
  • To strive towards living strong and living totally.
  • To become the leading catalyst of "New Entrepreneur" through our distinct wellness business model.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

As the vanguard of technology based health solutions and services in Malaysia, we are accountable to our customers and our stakeholders, which include the general public. As we work to meet their needs, we are committed to creating value for our partners, employees, and wider society, and to managing our business sustainability. This commitment gives focus to our corporate citizenship work and helps us measure our performance over time. At ZHS, we believe that it is as important to be a citizen as much as we are a corporation.

We believe commitment to good corporate citizenship is a fundamental part of achieving sustained value creation for both society and our company, and thus to ensuring the future of the work that we do.

Our vision for ZHS as a good corporate citizenship is founded on our awareness of what the company is, and what has made it successful. We operate all over Malaysia and we respond quickly to customer's needs, working in partnership with them to provide solutions to their wellness needs. It was therefore natural for us to adopt this same approach for corporate citizenship.

Our Focus

As a corporation ZHS adheres to the principle of being a friend to mankind by embodying "The New Success". This is a commitment to ethical behavior in business strategy, operations and culture which is the essence of corporate governance through consciousness. "The New Success" is a simple and straightforward idea that abandons the old notion of success, which is success at the expense of another. It necessitates the embodiment of three core values:

  • Doing what you can where you are;
  • In considering you, consider another too; and
  • May your success, be the success to humanity at large.

Zazen as an affiliate of Friends to Mankind, Malaysia is a fervent believer that this is the way forward for corporation to address sustainable betterment of humanity.


Our Actions

Using technology enhance healthy living and lifestyles, ZHS has been working with the several organization i.e National Cancer Society of Malaysia, and several private hospitals in organizing health talks for the general public to campaign for healthy lifestyle and living. This is growing effort in educating society to Live Strong and not let the vicissitudes of life neglect your well being. The health campaigns range from aging gracefully to cancer prevention through healthy living and lifestyle.

Business Opportunities
ZHS has been working particularly working with various woman’s organizations all around the country to empower and develop women entrepreneurs by providing them access and opportunity to start their own ZHS outlet. This is an initiative to create independent women and use them as ambassadors to promote healthy lifestyle and living around the country.

Other Societal Efforts Underway
Organizing road shows and exhibitions all around the country to create greater awareness of healthy lifestyle and living and sharing the benefits of far infrared technology with the public.