1991 Feb 18-Mar 4;46(8-10):186-7.

Excretion of nitrogen compounds in sweat during a sauna.
Czarnowski D, Górski J.

Zakładu Fizjologii AM, Białymstoku.

The aim of the study was to determine a loss of nitrogen compounds with sweat in sauna and to estimate their plasma concentration. Sweat was collided during 30 min stay in sauna. Blood was taken before and immediately after the sauna. Concentrations of ammonia, urea, creatinine and uric acid were determined in the both fluids. It has been found, that the concentration of ammonia in sweat exceeds, that in plasma by 77 times. Ammonia plasma concentration following sauna increased by about 60%. Sweat urea concentration exceeded that in plasma by 3.5 times. Plasma urea concentration was significantly reduced after sauna. Sweat creatinine concentration was about two times higher than that in plasma. No uric acid was detected in sweat. Sweating did not affect plasma creatinine and uric acid concentrations. Results indicate that considerable amount of nitrogen is lost with sweat during sauna.

PMID: 1845745
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