Innovative technical implementation of the Schumann resonances and its influence on organisms and biological cells

Zazen Scalar

Abstract. Over the course of time in the digital age, oscillating processes were utilized in various realizations. Life without these became hardly imaginable. Schumann resonances are electromagnetical resonances or eigenfrequencies (radio waves), which originate from the oscillation in a hollow space shell. Their average basic frequency is 7.83Hz. The above mentioned radio waves emerge from energy discharges such as thunderstorms, lightning or solar wind within the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. They exist around the globe. Various scientists have discovered a correlation to our health on the basis of studies and experiments; their absence can result in a variety of disorders from headaches to cancerous diseases. Nevertheless, the field is considered controversial. It has not yet been researched thoroughly, which significant impact it has on beings. This shows that further research is appropriated. The objective is an analytical consideration of the impact of a technical application of the Schumann resonance on living organisms. Furthermore, this paper is concerned with the consideration and comparison of various hypotheses and studies. The here mentioned frequency range also covers brainwaves, there should be a direct influence on certain brain areas. Furthermore, the investigations shall function as the basis for further experiments at Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany.