Angie Othman

I am the happiest person on Earth! A year ago, I suffered back pain; when I went for a checkup I was asked to undergo an MRI and it showed that I had a disc misalignment. It was already at a critical stage and I couldn’t escape the surgery. In March 2011 I had my disc between L4 and L5 removed and replaced with silicon. I had to go through physiotherapy from time to time, however, it did not relieve the pain. Due to this I had to undergo another procedure called Epidural & Radio Frequency, yet the pain stayed. Finally early in 2012, I came to know about the Zazen FIR. I decided to give Zazen FIR a shot and kept coming back for the sessions. It’s a miracle! The pain gradually disappeared and I felt much healthier. Finally, I decided to get one for myself. Now, I can do all the house chores, continue my daily activities and do what I enjoy doing – travelling, gardening and cooking.