Zazen FIR – Standard Cabin (1-2 Seater)



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The standard cabin comfortably seats 1 to 2 individuals. All units harness the benefits of Far Infrared rays and can also be upgraded with Scalar with a choice of a 10 core or 20 core Scalar Generator system. It is truly an all-in-one compact, user-friendly thermal system.

Our FIR sauna cabins are made of high-quality, toxin and resin-free, Canadian hemlock wood. Far infrared rays are sensitive to different materials, we use hemlock as it is the safest and most suitable when paired with FIR energy. It’s durability makes for a long-lasting product, which will serve as a worthy investment.

At ZHS we pride ourselves on integrating technology as a medium to promote a healthy lifestyle based on holistic wellness. We are the sole provider of the World’s First Scalar Balanced Far Infrared Sauna for both home and commercial use.

Standard Cabin (1-2 Seater)

1200 x 1170 x 1900 (mm)

Technical Details
  • Basic Cabin – RM10,500.00
  • Executive Cabin – RM14,900.00
    Upgraded with 10 Core Scalar Generator
  • Premium Cabin – RM17,745.00
    Upgraded with 20 Core Scalar Generator

*Pricing is not inclusive of delivery and installation charges.

We provide delivery throughout the world. Please drop us an email for further enquiries.
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