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Based on state of the art technology, Zazen Scalar is a non-invasive tool that supports the body’s innate ability to heal. The scalar generator counteracts and attenuates the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution on our body. When placed in a space, it works to create an environment where the body and brain are able to regenerate and balance its energy. Being within a scalar energy field will help put the body back into balance, which is key for our well-being.

With the technology-based lifestyle we are now living, working and sleeping in an environment which may not be the most conducive for our health due to the hidden dangers of electromagnetic waves and the biological stress it causes. Healing often comes in the form of medication and although this does work on the symptoms that affect us, it is not a holistic approach as it does not address the root of disease and how much brainwave imbalance causes many illnesses which does not allow the body to relax and move into a rested state. A major reason why individuals face mental illness is due to overuse of the beta brainwave, not allowing the body and brain to relax into a rested state.

Scalar emissions allow us to address these ailments without medication or therapy, by creating a support structure in our environment with a harmonic healing resonance(7.83Hz) causing the body to fall back to the alpha range which passively heals both the body and brain. At home, Zazen Scalar is best kept by your bedside during sleep, the brain inadvertently will move to the alpha, theta and delta brain wave which induces deep rest and human growth hormones are released.

500 Core Scalar Generator

1090 x 100 x 1090 (mm)

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