Scalar Field Therapy and Mitigation of Seizure Disorder: A Case Report

Zazen Scalar

This case report describes the use of scalar field therapy in the mitigation of seizures in an autistic child. The patient is a 4-yr-10-mo-old girl with a 3 year history of seizure disorder and autism. She presents with a long history of a series of 6 to 8 tonic-clonic seizures on a daily basis, each lasting approximately 10 to 20 seconds long. After a series of treatments in the scalar field, her seizures were reduced to 4 to 5 partial seizures of just 1 to 2 seconds in duration. The reduction in number and duration of seizures in this case suggests that the use of scalar field therapy in the treatment of seizure disorder should be further explored. Of great importance is the potential for controlling seizures while minimizing the use of pharmaceuticals that are often debilitating and have numerous negative side effects.